The girl I am interested in is a lesbian and I don't know what to do?

She is basically my dream girl smart, cute, funny, personality. But I have recently learned she is a lesbian after being tackled by a friend in the hallway. What she did basically ripped out my heart, crushed it, and threw back the smallest peices, keeping the large ones to show off and break and destroy even further.

I can't even tell her how I feel because of how shy I am and that on top of the fact she finds me immature, stupid, just plain old fat as f***.

I all ready failed at a suicide attempt and I don't know what do to anymore.

Please I need someone else's opinion of this because I can't take it anymore because I still love her but I know it can't happen


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  • Okay, first, never ever think again about suicide. That's never the answer and won't resolve anything.
    Then, you're saying she said she's a lesbian in a hallway? You are sure she wasn't joking? Because nobody says something like that in a funny atmosphere. And what have in common being a lesbian and tickling? It doesn't have sense.
    You need to find out for real if she is available and what's her orientation. You can't say anything concrete until you talk to her and find out on first hand about the truth.
    Then, if she really is a lesbian, you can't actually do something. You can't change a person's sexual orientation. That's just the way it is.
    So go and talk to her or put someone to do it for you. And stop thinking about doing stupid things okay?

    • Not only did she say it but she also ranted on how all men are immature and are getting stupider in general and then received a call from her girlfriend so I have learned that suicide is inafective and that I can't do anything thank you on your insight on my problem

    • Then you need to respect her opinion and leave her alone. Maybe her way of thinking will change over time. Maybe she experienced something bad with a guy and got this aggressive impression about men in general.

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  • Try and move on from her... you're probably not noticing someone else who might be interested in you because you're so focused on this girl who is a Lesbian. If she's Lesbian there's no chance she will want to be with a guy unless she's stated that she's bi.


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