How's dating for homosexuals?

Sometimes, I meet girls that when I say hi to them, they just walk away, or they give me their phone number, but they don't text me back. Basically, there's a lot of rejection.
Does this happen to gay people? Or are they nicer to each other because they understand each other better because they're the same sex and also that the chase is not one way?


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  • Having had 2 different guys try oral on me in the past I will tell you they're ridiculously fast in the hooking up area when it comes to guys. Even with it just being 1 time they'll get feelings and never leave you alone. They do not know the idea of waiting to get to know each other at all. So if you want to understand why some girls wait with the sexuality area try going into gay territory and you'll quickly see why. If your body is anywhere near decent you'll have guys wanting to suck your cock in minutes of getting to know you.

    • I don't care about waiting and stuff like that. But, sometimes, I say hi to a girl and then sit by her side, and then she just gets up and leaves. I just don't think girls would do that if they understood what sort of shit we have to go through to get a date.

    • Most of them don't want to understand and that's really their problem. If you were to lay everything out in front of them you'll notice their flaws by their active search to find something wrong with whatever it is. It sucks but that's the way it is nowadays.

      Overall, it's best to stay single with the lack of quality women nowadays.

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  • Gays are just like straight ppl. There are some assholeish lesbians out there who are very promiscuous and only want a sexual relationship, some are high maintenance bitches. Trust me gay woman can be just as bad. It's hard to find a good gay girl, just like it's hard to find a good straight person

  • (I'm pan sexual) it's actually really hard. 9/10 girls I approach are straight and not willing to give things a try, making things tough. And every lesbian girl im introduced to, I usually don't click with. But anyways is the chase for straight people mutual as well

    • Well, 9/10 girls are straight so it's understandable. I hit on 10 straight girls and 9/10 reject me. 1 might give me her phone number, but wouldn't go on a date with me most of the time.

  • ... People are people no matter sexuality.
    I have two relatives who are both gay, and I can guarantee you there are some pretty mean fuckers out there.


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  • I am bisexual and I will tell you that the guy gays are usually promiscuous as fuck. They are super forward and will hookup with you within the hour, in the bathroom of whatever place you first met. If you are in gay territory you will find Mr. Right Now.

    I have a few lesbian friends and I don't hear any unusual complaining. Though I imagine since females are the submissive gender when it comes to relationships, two lesbians could be like magnetic repulsion when it comes to who makes the first move.

    • @Though I imagine since females are the submissive gender when it comes to relationships, two lesbians could be like magnetic repulsion when it comes to who makes the first move...

      OPPOSITE. its much easier or then to ask each other out bc no one has a tantrum bc the other stole their thunder by asking them out.

      women are not submissive,. its just that most guys are depicted as not being able to handle being asked out. so women accommodate that insecurity. i have no idea why anyone wants to be with someone with that kind of hang up. but they'll play into it.

      anyhow its no problem for lesbians to make a move bcd there's no repercussion except rejection. there's no character assassination or social rejection just bc you 'asked someone out' and didn't wait around like a moron.

      but keep thinking w/e helps you sleep at night.

    • Everything I said was simply conjecture... I don't know much about it and never claimed to (and I hope I didn't come across like that). It doesn't bother me that I'm wrong because it's not in my domain and it never will be...