Is it weird to go back to the guys place on a first date?

this guy , we went on a coffee date kind of thing and talked for 3 hours. he asked to take me to the zoo as a date and now asked if I after the zoo I wanted to see a movie with him also. he sounds super awesome, but the zoo is 22$ per person and the movies I would imagine would be around the same price. that seems like a lot of money for a first date!! would it be a bad idea to suggest just watching a movie at his place if we hit it off? like would that scare him away? or would he think he's going to get sex? (cause I wouldn't give it to him on the first date) is that out of the norm to watch movies at his house on a first date? ... by the way he always is talking about how many movies he has so that's why I was thinking that.

It's a kind gesture but to be honest I don't like watching movies at the theatre, so I kind of want to get out of it without making him feel bad or like I don't like him


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  • I would suggest watching a movie at his place, but make sure he doesn't get the wrong idea.

    • how do you suggest I ask him without him getting the wrong idea? haha

    • Try saying something like "Are you interested watching a movie at your place, movie?" Then I would add something meant to be kind of funny. "I don't mean for anything weird/naughty/insert word here, we can just watch a movie and eat popcorn."

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  • yes big time


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