I can't wait for his text anymore!?

I know guys are the ones that are supposed to text first, right? Or supposed to... all the sites and all that say so. Anyways, there's this guy. I really like him and I feel a connection. We hooked up a while ago while both of us were drunk. We had fun, had wild, hot sex, laughed and I stayed at his place to like 2pm the morning after.
He said he would text me and he did. But that was the only time he texted me first, but whenever I text him, he seems interested, keeps the convo going and we don't end a chat until one of us has to leave.
A few days later we made this deal, to meet up again and so we did. This time sober. We had fun, had sex, talked, laughed, everything and late in the evening he drove me home. 2 nights later I texted him thanks for driving me home, and when we had texted for a while he said:"Well, if it should be any other time! ;)"

I just want to text him, tell him how I feel, or just chat with him in general, because he's fun, smart and kind. He never texts me, but whenever I text him he seems interested, keeps the convo going and stuff like that. Whats something I could do to keep his interest and make HIM text ME instead of ME texting HIM? thanks in advance.


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  • if you want to text him, text him.


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  • How about you text him and say "It wouldn't hurt if you texted me first every once in a while"