He likes me but I have to message him first but then he will carry on messaging me for the next few hours! How do I say to him to message me first?

long distance at the moment and complicated his end.


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  • LDR are one of the hardest ones to Have and to Uphold that there is. I, for one, know this probably better than anyone. I have a husband out in Egypt who was always ten times more Johnny on the spot than me when it came to Skype, Messaging just Anything pertaining to our half way around the world relationship of this nature.
    Try not being so quick to push a button on your end, treacleao, let him wonder and worry about You for a change on your side of the world. He always takes for granted that you're sitting there or just Anywhere, cellphone glued in hand, waiting for him to Reply to you or just Knowing that you will be the first one on the Text totem pole to send a message of meaning. He hasn't got a care in the world because he has you pegged.
    If you give him a chase, a challenge here, perhaps you will also get More bees to your honey with your honey because you can train him like a dog to do new tricks to keep him on a Shorter leash and where you want him in the Quick draw.
    He thinks he has the upper hand in knowing that you are always this handy dandy Andy that is there for Him----24/7...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks, we have been on and off for 3 years. He will even sit online in whatsapp and will wait for me to say hi rather than start the conversation. He closed down his Facebook cos he never used it.
      He only uses his whatsapp to organize Tuesday night football and chat to me.
      I was in a long term relationship for 17 years and when I started dating then there wasn't mobiles , we used to just phone on the landline. So texting and whatsapp etiquette is so confusing. .

    • Oh and we never even had sex til this summer just gone.

    • I have news for you, sweetie, it's harder when you are even married and LDR with a foreign fella...:)) xx

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