Potential boyfriend or just friend with benefit?

Dated for 4 month. First 3 months I thought he is the boyfriend material.
Always initiate date. Meet 1 or 2 times a week. Ask me jion him to his work party. Hold my hand in public. Treat me so sweet and nice. Pay bills. Even treated my friend once. Talked about past and future. Share me his dreams and future.
But recent one month. he all the sudden get so busy. Stop initiate date. We did not go out anymore. Spend most of time at my place. Cancel a date I prepare for him last week. Explained the reason ask me don't mad. but did not make it up for me.
Did not meet his friend or famliy.
So maybe I been tricked. We just friend with benefit?

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If i contact him he still ask to meet me. But he is not show up as often as usually and we did not do anything expect stay in.


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  • Ask him you would like to see him again, dont hide your feelings. If he can't handle them, thats his problem. Maybe he thought you guys would be in a relationship by then, and when you didn't start one, he probably started moving on. Initiate contact and ask him if you would like to do something together. No harm in trying, otherwise you'll just think "what if..." which is a terrible feeling.

    Please respond to my post!!
    girlsaskguys. com/dating/q1192553-if-your-gf-bf-told-you-its-easier-to-ask-for-forgiveness-than-for


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