Having a hard time getting interested in idea of "online dating"?

I signed up for an account with a major dating site a couple weeks back but haven't really been able to get interested in the whole idea. but there wasn't a lot of local matches and I find it hard to get replies on those sites , I don't know maybe it just wasn't for me or idea gives a single person some hope then you search around and realise things aren't much better online

anyways should I give it a try anyways? or just abandon the whole idea? I haven't spent any money on this account yet


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  • Good, don't spend a dime, especially if your resistant to that type of medium. but tbh I signed up for an online dating site about a month ago.. and in 3wks I realized it just want my type of thing. I talked to guys but I just didn't feel it.. so I axed it. Its not for everyone.


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  • don't, look around you and don't use dating sites


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