Please help! This guy is driving me nuts!! I really really love him!

He was my classmate till 7th grade and In 8th grade he joined another school. I began missing him but eventually forgot about him. He joined fb in February n sent me a friend request, I accepted it and he sent me a hi! I was soo happyy, words can't express it! I still remember how crazy I was that day! We chatted for almost 2 hours n then he had some work so went offline.. He said i have a really nice smile and that I look very beautiful n all impressive stuff! That was the first n last chat.. I kept waiting n waiting for his msg.. Recently he liked my pic on fb. I don't know if i have to text him.. He's on my mind! Just can't forget him! I so damn badly wanna tell him how much I like him but im scared what if he begins ignoring me. In school we used to sit together so close n he used to call me his wife! he used to be so protective. This sucks! Now he has changed! Argh! I just wanna hug him n tell him how much I love him.. Is there any way I can make him start a conversation.. I have his number but he doesn't have mine.. Should I call him from a different number and tell him how much I like him?


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  • You need to start a conversation by asking him if you can tell him something personal to you. If he's available, tell him that you really like him.


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