Do you ever feel like online dating is similar to applying for jobs?

I've been using dating sites for a few years now. Met a lot of different women, but I feel like it's kinda similar to applying for jobs in many ways.

1. There's a wide variety of people on there just like there are jobs.
2. Having a good appearance (all subjective) is like having a degree. If they look good to a guy/girl or employer, it gets your foot in the door.
3. Dates feel like interviews in the sense that the first one is to see how compatible you are in dating just like how companies see if you're a good fit for the interview.
4. 2nd and 3rd dates are like the 3rd or 4th interviews as in seeing if you're relationship material as well as seeing if you're a good candidate for the employee.
5. A relationship forms, depending on intentions of both parties, just like how you get the job.

Anyone else see the similarities? And the pros and cons of online dating?


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  • I definitely agree with your analogy here. Dating is a lot like looking for a job. You put your application out (dating profile), get dressed up for the date (interview), and ask a lot of questions to see if the person is suitable for the position.

    Lastly if you don't here from them, you most likely failed the date (interview) and did not get the job (gf/bf).

    Both of which can be devastating!

    But if you keep putting them out, you keep trying you will eventually find someone.

    • Yeah and then there's the times where employers lead you on saying you'll get a callback (just like a guy/girl) saying lets keep in touch and they never call back or when you call you get ignored. Then there's times where you can be pleasantly persistent where if you don't hear back you wait a few days then call or text them to show you're still interested but not pushy.

    • I would also compare to people on the rebound on those sites to pyramid schemes and scams. Easy come, easy go and too good to be true. People on the rebound move very quickly and make you feel like you're everything they want just like how a pyramid scheme/scam will hire you quickly and tell you what you want to hear but in reality they're desperate for anyone and it happens to be you. They don't want you, they need you.

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  • Yeah omg its a drag!! And dating is like an interview, if all goes well you got the part of being their partner

    • The analogies are endless I feel. Depending on the person, he/she can be multidating to see who's the best candidate like how companies interview a lot of candidates to see whos right for the job.

    • I guess the only difference is experience can be negated when comes to dating as opposed to the job. From my experience, I've never had a girl say sorry I'm looking for a guy who's had the most/longest relationships or slept with the most girls like how companies want a candidate who's had experience in the field.

    • Common sense, but it's best not to talk about past relationships, number of sex partners that early on in dating anyways as opposed to telling an interviewer your previous job experience.

  • yes its sounds like you have a good point.

  • Lmao i wouldn't know, i have never been on a dating site before, but sometimes first dates can seem like an interview

    • A little off topic, but sometimes even 2nd or 3rd dates can feel like interviews if the person is quiet unless you're talking. That's happened to me a few times from meeting girls off those sites and I stopped talking to them, because I felt pressured to always come up with shit to talk about.

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    • This is just a question about an observation, not making a complaint haha. Not all girls have been like that on dates, only 2.

    • Glad to hear it, lol good luck with your dates

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  • If you're a man, it is in your benefit to NOT online date, and instead try expanding your social circle and participating in activities that have females in them.

    Women get way more attention than men in real life. But they get exponentially more online, because there's little time wasted sending messages, and it's not as anxiety-inducing. This artificially raises their sense of self esteem, their dating requirements, and lowers the need for them to find a boyfriend.

    • Well there's a few I'm seeing off those sites right now. Not that I'm trying to get as many women as I can, but I'm just testing it out to see who's the right one. My thing is, when I go out with friends, we usually go to bars and I've hooked up with a few at bars, but they aren't the kind I'd date.

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