What should I do I really like him?

I've always had a problem with moving on from my ex
and I knew this guy for a while but he never told me what he feels and few weeks ago he did, and i fell for it
because i liked him three years ago but didn't want to start a relationship afraid that it would be just a rebound
I wanted something real so I stayed away and I missed him every now and then

now we went on a date last Wednesday and it wasn't that good
I liked everything about it but not the kiss
i felt it wasn't passionate and remembered my ex since i've been with my ex 6 years on and off.. on the "off" i knew this guy and liked him very much but as I said I didn't want something will fade at the end

now I'm sure 100% no more ex and i'm happy with this guy
but the thing is

after that date we didn't talk much
he wrote something on the social media
saying that we wait for something for so long and once we have it we go like thats it? and it's in our nature as human to take things for granted

so I asked him if everything is ok? he said yes
I wonder ,, what he means? and if he doesn't want me then what? why wouldn't he say it?

i'm soo into him but I won't be the one who starts texting


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  • He is nervous and anxious about revealing his feelings. You have to give him time and be patient. You should also be willing to text first sometimes.

    • I did that three time in a row
      What if he's not interested anymore? :(

    • He is really nervous and anxious-he doesn't know how you will respond to him revealing how he feels.

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