How to say "no" after saying "yes"?

This boy I met years ago text me out of blue wanting us to talk and eventually meet up before the year is out. While I agreed to it, because I really like him, I now think that it is going to a huge mistake if I do. See I'm pretty boring and have nothing to say so starting this whole thing is pointless. I know exactly how its going to end, him being bored and me feeling bad about myself. I just want to save him the time and effort, he seems really sweet. He text me again yesterday, I haven't replied yet and now I'm debating if I should at all... What do I do? How should I stop this?


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  • At age 25-29 you should not be going out with boys

    • boy = guy, guy=boy, just a matter of speaking...

  • really? you need a kick in the ass if your gnu put your self dawn like that if you like him thin fuckin like him but I do feel sorry for him because your self a steam is crap, suck that shit up butter cup if it ends bad it ends bad so what? no loss any ware for any one. that attitude is why your in the problems that your in

    • Thanks, even though I haven't the slightest clue what you just said...

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