What kind of questions can you ask your boyfriend? I've run out of questions, please help!

me n my bf just meet in the park walk and hold hands n etc but don't have much to talk about. we just enjoy each others presence but what kind of questions can i ask? what kind of funny questons? flirty questions? etc


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  • "connections" only go so far. Mr. SexyFeet is being an idealist.

    I'm POSITIVE you haven't asked him everything or learned everything about him. Could be that you two are just hella young and don't know what the hell to talk about, in general. Do you follow the news? Talk about that. Do you follow sports? Talk about that. Walking in the park? Does he actually like the park? Why? What's his favorite thing about it? What does he like to do at the park? What are the kinds of things he notices at the park? etc.

    Ask him what he's thinking. Some people are naturally introverted as well. You ever heard of the "strong and silent type"? Yes, we exist. According to SexyFeet I don't deserve a girlfriend because I don't talk as much as he does so there must not be a "connection"

    Anyway, just go from there. The whole world is available for you to talk about. Just don't get too worried about it because then you start freaking out like you are now.

    • This was a lovely answer thank youu xx

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    • your right :') thank you xx

    • Idealist. Watch out for these guys sweetie. When the shit hits the fan these are the guys that are going to go nuts and not know what to do.

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