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Ok I have an amazing girlfriend 13 year old how likes to hunt, but it's been two days sense a hunting accident in which when she was about to gut the deer she shot with her bow but when she got out her knife her leg slipped and her knife got stuck in her lower shoulder so I quickly grabbed the emergency kits and started to remove it, I cut the shirt around the wound and removed the knife and and put the sponges on when the blood was not so bad a stitched the wound closed and cut her shirt a little more and put on the rap and got her to a hospital the thing I didn't tell you was she was fully conscious and when I cut her shirt I could see her breast at which I put cut off shirt over WILL THINGS GET WEIRDER THAN WHATS HAPPENED THESE LAST TWO DAYS?


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  • I think you should be okay, after all you did perform first aid on her. If she brings it up or is acting weird I suggest apologizing, but if she doesn't and she's acting normally then forget about. It's not like you did it on purpose anyway.


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