Am I just another option to him?

I am confused by his behaviour. He contacted me and made all the moves but now he says that he doesn't want anything too serious. He buys me expensive this and that because he's wealthy and comes to visit me about 2-3 times a week. We live about 2.5 hours apart. He does all this but doesn't want commitment.

He went away for the weekend with his best mate and posts obscure images about people being disloyal behind his back (I made the romance public) and to think big and to not believe the hype, that a man doesn't kiss and tell. I haven't liked or commented on any his recent posts. I feel that we've become distant from each other.

Am I just an option to him?


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  • He doesn't seem to be the commitment type. If your happy with the gifts and the meet ups then fine but if it makes u feel like it sounds to me that he buys u gifts, sleeps with u and has no real feeling or attachment to u then was that your idea of a real relationship and how u imagined being treated when u were a little girl? Or did u want to be loved, respected and treated like a princess by your prince charming?

    That should help u make your mind up and answer your own question. Good luck


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