The Fade out, should you ask the person directly or just let them go?

I've been seeing this guy for 4 months and things were going well. He said that he really likes spending time with me and he was very sweet.

We made plans to see each other every weekend and texted throughout the day.

However, the past couple weeks when we made plans, he has just blown me off.

He agrees to see each other. Confirms that we are still on for the day. The when I ask him to confirm time and place to meet, he doesn't respond.

He's done this the past 2 weekends. Last weekend he had a few excuses, first it was he fell asleep. Then it was that he lost his phone. Then his phone was broken.

This week I have yet to hear from him and our date was supposed to be on Friday night.

So what should I do? Contact him and ask him directly what's up? or should I just let him go?

Thanks for your help!!!


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  • I know these situations suck, but just let him go. If he's not putting in as much effort as you are, he's not worth it. You deserve someone better than that. I only give someone two strikes when it comes to cancelling dates and not responding. It doesn't matter what they do to try and change my decision, I lose interest in them from that point, and you should too. Only care about those who care about you. :)


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