What the hell are we now?

We're seeing each other. He knows I like him. First time we had oral sex he said "This is only between you and me ok?" It had been a few months now. We're only seeing each other and no one else. We call each other "baby" and hold hand and kiss in public. What are we now? How do I bring up the define relationship talk without scaring him away?


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  • You're fuck buddies. The fact that he said it's only between you two makes me wonder if he's got another girl (gf? wife?). Wouldn't be surprised if he does freak out if you bring it up. If he does freak out, you'll have to have thought ahead if you're fine being fuck buddies or not, because that'll be the bottom line question.

    • He said that because he didn't want me to go around tell everyone I saw his penis!!! or whatever. No he doesn't have another girl or wife. As stated, he's seeing me and NO ONE else. We have lots of mutual friends so that fact is already clarified. What do I do now?

    • I find that suspect. I can't think of any guy who would be upset if a girl went around saying they messed around. In any case, it's certainly a risk in asking him to be your boyfriend, but if that's important to you then there's no getting around it.

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  • If you're happy, does it need a label?

    • It doesn't need a label, BUT I don't want him to all of the sudden come up to me and be like "I have a new girlfriend" :/ It happened to be once, my friend and I at the time were seeing each other, then all of the sudden he told me not to contact him anymore because he got a girlfriend. Lesson learned so I don't want that to repeat :(

  • So, we are officially girl and boyfriend right?

    Seems simple enough.

    Or just let it be.


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  • Ask? It won't scare him away.. How long have you been doing things like that with each other? And within a one week time frame how many days would you spend together?

    • We've been doing this for about 5 months now. Within a one week time frame we would spend 2 days together (that's our only 2 days in the week that we have some free times we're both very busy people).

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    • I got one of our mutual friends to ask him what we are, he told her that "we're seeing each other". What does that mean? So I'm his friend or girlfriend by "seeing each other"?

    • Your on the verge to be his girlfriend..

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