Should I listen if a girl I likes best friends, says it'd be best if me and the girl I like should just stay friends?

Im in high school and me and this girl i like have gone out a few times. I would say they have all gone well, I've picked her up and paid each time, and have met her family. I have thought she liked me but at times she seems like she doesn't. I'm pretty good friends with one of her best friends that is dating one of my close friends, so I asked her if the girl I liked liked me or not. She said that the girl I like has liked another guy for a really long time and its really hard for her to get over him, and she still isn't over him, but didn't say she didn't like me. So I asked if it was worth asking her out again or if I'm just wasting my time, and she said " honestly it'd probably be best for you to stay friends". Does this mean I should stop seeing her, or listen to her/my friend?


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  • you should do what you want to do- and it sounds like you want to ask her again.


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