Should I ask this girl out now? (Online dating)

I'm new to online dating, so I'm not sure how aggressive to be here

A girl initiated an email with me about a week ago. I'm very interested in her, we'd send an email to each other every day. The 4th one she sent me, she gave me her number telling me it'd be easier for us to chat

I text her today, and her texts are straightforward and to the point. She doesn't seem annoyed or anything - still very friendly, but not super 'chatty'. We've exchanged about 3 texts only and I'm starting to think maybe I should ask her out now so we can meet this week. I hate talking on the phone and texting - I'd much rather meet and get that out of the way now

Is this too soon? I don't want to scare her off by being so forward since I met her on an online dating site, and I have no doubt that she probably has a lot of options at her disposal, she's very mature and attractive. I don't want to come off as desperate

Thanks for all the feedback everyone...

Asked her out - said yes! Can't wait!


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  • Move on it don't overthink it. You won't know until you get off your ass. She may be a pro or may be a nice friends with benefits or may be nothing.


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  • Go ahead anf shoot


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