How long is too long before I move forward?

How long should I wait before I make a move to let my crush know I like her and after tbat how long should I wait before I ask her to be my gf?


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  • don't wait too long and before you ask her you should find out if she likes you or not and if she does like you and you do ask her out say will you be my girlfriend its really cute that way and don't make her wait she won't wait long.

    • Thank you lol asking a guy is like coming to terms with a bull shark

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't make it all formal and shit dude. That's what you're making it sound like.

    Just ask her out. Then ask her out again. I usually go for a kiss on the 2nd or 3rd night. Back in my take-no-prisoners days it was always on the first.

    Don't draw it out and pour your heart and soul out to her. First, that turns them off. Second, they think you're a wuss for saying all that. Third, not only did you turn them off and make them think you're a wuss but now your friends think so too.