We just got in a relationship and I think he's already acting weird?

I met this guy online and we've only seen each other for 3 weeks. It was like an instant click when we first met and he decided to ask me to be his girlfriend on Friday. I said yes. We spent the night together and we had a great time. On Saturday afternoon everything was still normal. At night, he had work and so I went back home.

This morning, he sent me a text. However, he didn't reply me until dinner time and he said he just woke up from a nap. This morning, I also caught him online on the online-dating app but he went on to view my profile. Even though maybe he just went on to see my profile but I felt really uncomfortable for him going on the app since we are now in a relationship. I told him that I think we both should delete the app and he said he can do that it's not an issue. I don't to have to tell him to delete it which I kind of did. He told me he's going to delete it though.

I called him tonight and just to see what he's up to since we haven't really talk today. He said he was watching a tv show and he wants to focus plus, his brother was over. He then sent me texts after when he was done watching the show.

Before, he did tell me he had a bad past because his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. He has walls built up because he had been through betrayal in relationships. He probably has some insecurities and letting people to love him. I could be thinking too much. It could be that he wants to take things slowly since we don't really know each other for long time.

But since we are now girlfriend and boyfriend I feel like he's not thinking me as one. I know it could be too soon to tell. Am I thinking too much? Help guys!


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  • i think you are thinking into it too much. he's had contact with you, he's told you some of his past emotional baggage, he gave you a reason about him not replying, all sounds pretty normal to me.