Would a girl like to hear how I feel about her?

I met this girl and we met up a couple of times for coffee and such, but she found out from a friend that I said that she hated a friend of mine - which I had said as a joke, and then she said she didn't like being used to annoy someone else. I apologised and asked her to go to coffee so I could make it up to her, she said she was busy. That was a few weeks ago and we haven't spoken since. Do you think I should tell her that I really like her and such? Thanks

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I thought that she liked me back, every time we met up we flirted and joked and had a lot of fun together.


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  • tell her but do it soon or it will hurt you... and one thing you must know is that if you tell a girl anything they are sure as hell going to tell there friends. So thats why you can't talk trash even if it is jokingly, also dont just text her out of nowhere, "run" by her in the streets a few times and maybe say we need to talk. Dont seem like you are stalking her but try to catch her by herslef

    • I was planning on seeing her in the street and telling her then, I normally run into her on Tuesday's when I'm going to lectures and she's returning.

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    • Ok thank you very much, I will try. Now I just have to run into her.

    • haha no problem:)

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  • She's not interested


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