Guys help me out here, girls too?

So I plan to take my guy out for his birthday. Our town isn't the best place to have fun... Is dinner and a movie too boring? Fellas where'd you wanna go? Ladies where would you take your guy?


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  • I'd just be happy with the fact that my girl wanted to take me out and I got to spend time with her, to be honest. I wouldn't really care about the place. Fun people make boring places fun, lol.


What Girls Said 1

  • Dinner, yes.
    But a movie I feel is to boring.. That's more for just a date night, try and find something more fun to do.. Maybe make little flash cards and have him go to a few places (where you guys met, where you're first kids was, etc) at every place leave a cute little gift and then have him meet you at his favorite restaurant. And then throw a small surprise party after dinner (:

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