How can I get a guy to ask me on a date?

Or at least approach me. I think im a pretty hot girl and i really want a guy to ask me on a date! Dont say ask the guy out because its just not the same!


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  • Well, to be honest the roles of male and female are changing. I personally feel that girls need to become more enlightened in their sexuality and desires.

    Anyway, if you don't want to ask a guy (and modern culture will make this ok), then you need to put yourself in positions to meet them in the least threatening way. Girls in groups can be more difficult to approach for guys. Maybe getting coffee by yourself. Or studying in an open area. Also, be sure to give them clear signals (such as smiling and eye contact).

  • Yeah, I understand what you mean about it just not being the same. Kinda the way I feel about doing the dishes, the laundry and cleaning the house. It's just not my thing and I leave it to the woman of the house.

    Sorry, I have no advice for you because I have no sympathy for you.


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