First face to face meeting with a guy I met online?

I met a really great guy while playing a game online. He had met my ex bf (of 4 days) on the game a few weeks prior. The guy messaged me thinking I was my ex when he realized it was me he said good i want to hear your side (he was hoping talking to me would help him help my ex) so that night we spent 4 hours on the phone.
We quickly became friends. Since then we have been playing together, talking every day, skyping etc. We have established that we both want a relationship and care very much about each other. We are very very close we talk about litterly everything and we have a ton in common even weird stuff. I feel like I have known this guy forever, we have a great friendship and both believe we can have an excellant relationship BUT we haven't met face to face yet.
We are seperated by 22 years and 800 miles. I only mention the age difference bc i feel this may be one are where him being older may effect things. He is planning to fly in to meet me and we are going to spend the weekend together with him sleeping at my place. we are both really excited about it but then I got to thinking what happens when I pick him up at the airport. I mean how do you actually greet someone in this situation. It seems a little different then meeting someone on a dating site, having a few convos and meeting for a first date. Im just not sure how to approch those first few seconds or what to expect from him. This is someone I've talked to about a future together, had phone sex with, have basically had a long distance relationship with (unofficialy we both feel like we can't officially label it until we meet in person) its pretty much a given we will have sex while he's here (the chemistry would have to be WAAY off to prevent that) it seems inappropriate to shake his hand or just look at him and smile even a hug seems weird but at the same time how do you kiss someone you haven't met. I don't know what to expect, what do you guys think, how would you handle it.


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  • Scary, but it may work out.

    Play it by ear and have some pepper spray on hand. Good luck!

    • This is not something I would normally do and had no intention of doing when we first started talking. He has met people from the internet but never with romantic intent its normally related to his work. He was trying to get facts to help his friend bc the breakup made no sense and my ex was being weird all around, i thought talking to him would give me some perspective and help me finally get over this asshole (we were together 2 years and had broke up 9 times). We just kinda happened, he wated to meet me early on, i said no as time has went by i thought if i met this guy at the store id wanna go out with him so why not. When we meet someone in a more traditional way we have no way to know if they are crazy before spending time with them or that they are who they portray themself as.
      I am 100% confident he is who and what he says he is and that he isn't dangerous- i know famous last words right. But i am 27 and live alone so i always have pepper spray just in case :)

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