Knowing if a girl wants you to approach and ask her out?

I tend to be a very quiet person and shy as well. So when it comes to approaching girls I am at a loss for words 99% of the times. So you can probably imagine the consequences that come with that, coming off as the nice guy, not much dating activity (even though I do have some), boring, etcc. I don't really get out to much unless I might go to a movie and if I by some chance get a date. Well I have noticed on some occasions when reading through different topics that it has been stated girls might be waiting for a guy to approach them. My question is how am I supposed to realize that she might be waiting for me to advance and ask her out?


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  • When it's a girl I don't know, I always wait for her to make eye contact with me before I talk to her. She could be looking at me without realising, but I don't care, it's better than nothing and generally it works, they were interested. I feel more confident if I see them looking at me, because if means they noticed me first... I'm not some random guy interrupting them if they're busy.

    If I do know them, sings I look for are if they are commonly making conversations with me, excited when they talk to me, flirting that kind of thing. Never have I been rejected by a girl who's shown those signs.