If you are bisexual, but in love, can you squash those urges?

I was just wondering because I love my boyfriend very much, but how do I make the urge for female anatomy go away. i would never ever cheat, or risk my relationship for any women ever, I am in charge of my actions. How though, do I make my body stop responding to hot women. Ugh.


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  • I don't think you can. Your sexuality is part of who you are. Some woman share the same curiosity as you do. Hot woman can be tempting to look at sexually and fantasize. I have dated girls that would sometimes masturbate looking at lesbian p*rn. But would never act on it. It's normal. Doing a little fantasy fucking with a woman could be healthy for your sex life and I am sure your boyfriend would appreciate that. Like you said, you are in charge of your actions and would not cheat. That's the most important thing.

    • Thank you. That all makes sense. You seem to be a pretty nice person.

    • Thank you. I appreciate that. I try. Regardless of the topic or category, I want to be helpful and respectful. It is also interesting to me, to hear other people prescriptive on different things. You seem like a very nice person too.

    • We are few and far between sir. Few and far between

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  • You don't. Just like guys dont stop their body responding to hot women.

    You are human, you get urges. That is normal, and natural.

    As you said, you can control your actions, that is what matters.

    Hell, if you are that into women and that worried about it, see if he would like a 3some, or just to watch you with another woman.

    • I understand that line of thinking as it seems like common sense. I dont want to indulge my urges, I just want them to stop. I would never share my intimacy with anyone else because I genuinely love him and that would be an outright betrayal

    • You cannot help who you are attracted to, any more than you can make the Earth stop spinning or the stars to keep shinning.

    • 😓👊✌

  • you don't look like a bi actually LOL

    • What does bi look like? I like cake too, do i look like a cake eater?

  • Can start off by stop looking at hot women.

  • I think you should talk to him about this.


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  • Well that shouldn't affect you.
    If you were straight you would still find hot guys hot, and probably fantasize about them. But you wouldn't cheat on your bf.
    If you were a lesbian you would still see other girls but you wouldn't cheat either.
    It's the same thing. You just have to think that physical attraction won't be as satisfying as a loving relationship. If you are with someone you are with someone.

    It shouldn't make a difference if it's a guy or a girl that you would sleep with. You can't cheat on your SO. Well you shouldn't at least.

    • You're right. Thank you for your perspective

  • Well, the same way you deal with your urges towards hot men...

    • I feel like my needs are being met in terms of male attraction. Because being with a women is such a different experience it feels like I am denying part of my nature. But i like I said, I would never ever cheat

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    • I hope it all works out for you.

    • Thank you

  • Why do you want to? I mean, don't you have body responses to hot men too?

    • Yes but i scratch that itch daily.

    • Well like you mentioned in a comment with SandPlanet, I don't get how you're denying part of your nature. Like I get that you're not with a girl and you like both guys and girls (I'm bi too) but that's going to be an ongoing thing for the rest of your life. I don't really think there is a way to squash those urges. If you love your man enough, then that should be enough to do it.

    • *then shouldn't that...

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