What is most important to a girl in the beginning of a relationship?

Just curious as to what females like to see in the early stages of a relationship.


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  • Kindness, and honesty. I hate *ssholes

    • Then after that? This is all leading somewhere I promise lol

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    • That's kinda what I was thinking. But I know she's strapped financially. Me on the other hand, I own a business that I started 2 years ago and I'm doing really well. I was excited about a job I did a week ago and made almost 7 grand. I told her out of excitement and her response was "rub it in why don't ya" but that's not at all what my intention was. Now she seems kinda distant since we last went out to dinner.

    • She's obviously comparing your situation to hers, and wants to do better. Maybe she's to bummed about what she's got going on to be happy for you at the moment. Link up with her and tell her you didn't mean to offend her in any way, shape or, form.
      P. S. 7 grand is amazing, congrats on the success!

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  • just for him to keep it real with me. dont put on an act.
    try to impress me, and dont give up on me if i dont smother u with attention
    respect me
    dont give me the impression u will only be romantic for that stage.

  • Finding out about each other and each of the 'firsts' you guys experience together, i. e. first time you guys hugged, held hands, kissed, etc.

    Also, definitely the conversations you guys have. It's always nice to have a decent and intellectual conversation with the other one about life in general. It helps you to see what the other one is really like in terms of their values, principles and such.


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