We dated briefly but she called things off for a while to work on her thesis, would it be weird to ask her out again?

I went on 3 dates with this girl back in July before she started feeling the pressure with thesis deadlines and said she can't date anyone til her thesis is done. She at first tried to maintain contact but later said it was too stressful to maintain anything and said it just couldn't happen now.

Sure enough her dating profile went offline a few days later, and we chatted only infrequently until today (maybe once every 3 weeks). Last night I was browsing around and found her, started messaging her to check in...

Our last date (in July) we'd been dancing together for 4 hours, kissing often, and though she didn't want to come back to my place she cuddled up next to me at the train station and waited half an hour with me for my train. I had thought it was a fantastic date and was saddened when she told me she had to focus on her thesis.

Despite it going so well it's been so long, would it be weird to ask her out again? I kinda feel like if she was dead set on trying again she'd have messaged me sooner, but she did start texting me when I said hey today...


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  • I'll leave it to her. She was the one who called things off for a while, leave it to her to start things up again.

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