Is there something you see in me that can be turning off women?

Is there something you see in me that can be turning off women?


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  • Well, judging by your coment i'd say "low self esteem" might be an issue.
    also this might sound shallow, but cheeks wider than your head... not good. It speaks about someone being on the fairer side when it comes to weight, and as much as girls try to force us to believe otherwise; both males and females got a "hardcoded" opinion about ideal look (hint; for men that' strong and fit, and for women that's a body able to provide healthy kids). Also... your age is less than ideal. Harsh judgement i know, but i'd rather be harsh and give you a chance to improve, than lie and have you not understand why you can't get a date.

    I'd suggest getting some excercise. You don't need to look like a greek good, but getting more fit and getting some excess fat burned away will both give you a better body (making you look better, and younger), and most likely give you a confidence boost :)

    • ZepFan16 is a good guy, he's working real hard to find a good girl, he works on his feet all night long and is trying real hard in life, he deserves good friends here as well

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    • You are very welcome my friend

    • @Iron_Man hard work isn't an excuse, but it IS the means to improve. So while my statement here stands solid, i think (if your claims is correct) that he's on the right path.

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  • There's the low self esteem thing. That seems like it's setting you back pretty bad.

    • But how do women know that without even talking to me

    • Well there are non verbal cues that someone has low confidence in themselves. Don't know you well enough to say which ones you exhibit. Took a look at out picture, you aren't really an ugly dude, granted there are some things that could be improved on slightly. My guess is that your problem is more behavioral than anything else.

  • Your attitude.