Girls, do I have a chance with her?

There is this girl I like and for the past several months ha e been talking to her at the store where she works. She hosts free events there and had talked me I to going regularly and has put me on her friends list online. We have a lot in common and a many of the same interest. Some friends were with me when I was buying something and said they could tell she was interested but I just figured her for being nice. I have always had low self-esteem and confidence, but was ready to ask her out to lunch or dinner. Then I see a comment from one of her friends talking about her love interest and named someone else.

I guess my question is if she likes someone else but hasn't made a move on him do I stand any chance? If you liked a guy and someone esle asked you out how willing would you be to go out with him instead?


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  • I think you may still have a chance. Act confident and your chances will be a lot greater. The 'love interest' may be a joke comment from a friend so don;t give up till you've got a solid answer or she gets with someone else


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