Do I still have a chance with her?

I dated this girl and she said she didn't see it going anywhere and that she's "not ready for a relationship right now" . I thought that was defiantly a sign I had no chance so I moved on. Thing is she's been calling/texting me daily. When I see her she holds my hand. She will sit on the arm of my chair and play with my hair. She always wants to tag along with me when I go places and she will play footsie with me pretty often. Don't really know what to do with this. Do I still have a chance or should I move on?


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  • To me it sounds like she likes you indeed. I can not speak for every girl but I know many do not do that unless they like you.
    and if you know she does actually like you. Although it's true, she may not be ready for a relationship today per say but she could be ready down the track I can not give you a time frame on that one I am afraid.
    And yeah you could have a shot.. Or you could ask her what she thinks of you - If you don't know
    And if you feel really brave in what way she likes you, sees you as.
    Good luck ^_^


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