Is he worth keeping?

i am in love with this guy since Jan 2013. He acts funny, calls or text when its suit him. When i initiate contact he can ignore or give me one word answer. i have tried to communicate about this but he never responds. I asked him about where i stand with him and he told me things are suppose to happen through a process so i can't answer y. i am so confused, i love him so much but i hate the way he treats me. He was at my place over the weekend, we had sex but eeeey i ended up in tears. He was lk this is bad, i feel guilt, it takes me a longtime to erase these sexual feelings, but would not discuss about it (always say that whenever we have sex). Next day i bumped into him but he ignored me. Tried texting him to meet me cause wanted to talk things out, i was not responded to. We had agreed to no sex in our relationship but we alwayz end up doing it. I can't read him. If i stop contact he start liking my Facebook comments, texting me. What should i do? i am all confused, worse i can't get over him. he is 32 am 31.


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  • Never make someone your priority who considers you an option.


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