Suffering from depression and need help?

im 24, a virgin and have no experience with women. I have no life and sit in the house all the time, i have no confidence and hate the way i look ad my body. tbh with you im a loser. how can i change my life? i feel depressed a lot


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  • First mate you need to get out of the house nothing will improve just staying in, go for a walk and get some fresh air, get your self down to the gym and socialize with people while at the same time making your self feel better body wise etc, go out with friends for a drink and meet new people, don't worry about being a virgin at 24 nothing wrong with it need to build your self some confidence to go talk to women while your out and about if you get knocked back don't worry keep your chin up and keep cracking on, I suffered with depression for a good 4years also sufferd from PTSD, know what it's like not having motivation to do anything and just want to stay away from folk, that's worse thing you can do try make lifestyle changes, it'll work out.


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  • You should seek out a professional therapist to help you out with your issues.

  • Sucks how wanting validation makes guys look weak but not the other way around

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