Tickets for my bf... BUT I can't go. Please help?

So I'm in a relationship of 2 yrs. I finally Decided the perfect Christmas gift. Football tickets♥ next game near us is Dec 21. HOWEVER December 21 I'll be on vacation. He's leaving for the military in January so I wanna give him a great memory. But it rreally sucks. I will be on vacation with family Dec 20-26. So my plan... is buy 2 tickets for him and whoever he wants to bring. And I'll pay for everything. Normally people buy tickets for them and their partner idk. What do you think? I really want to buy him tickets he hasonot been to a game yet, and I know he would love it. But I can't go and the thought of me spending money on someone else is like... wtf. He would most likely bring his best friend who I am friends with also but we aren't as close. What do you think. Should I find and alternative plan. I really love him and I know he would love the tickets

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Taking him to his next favorite sport. Hockey taking him to a hockey game this month he just gotta pull $400 outta my ass asap which is... kinda possible


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What Guys Said 1

  • Tell his friend that you would buy your BFs ticket if the friend would go with him and buy his own ticket (you can't afford two). Otherwise, buy something else.

    • I was planning exactly that I just wanted to see if other people thought it was logical lol thanks ♥

What Girls Said 1

  • It's a great gift idea, but like you said, spending your money on someone else is a little strange. If this is a game that he's dying to go to and will never again have the chance to go, maybe ask one of his friends/family members if they'd want to join your BF at the game. If they say yes, buy your guy a ticket and tell the other person the seat number etc so they can buy the seat next to him. But I think the easiest thing to do is find another gift idea that's just as good - and that YOU can participate in too. Depending on where he'll be based in January, how about finding out when he'll be returning and buying him a ticket home? Or you could give him the money you would've spent on the football tickets and tell him to buy himself a really nice present before he goes away. Or wait til you come back from your vacation and then treat him to a fun, romantic day, ending with a fancy dinner and then having "dessert" in your bedroom, if you know what I mean. Not only will he enjoy spending time with you, he'll have some awesome memories of you before he goes away. :)

    • We always do that I wanna buy him something big! Lol we don't live together but we make it as fun as possible. We always have romantic nights too and I don't wanna give him money. That's weird for me lol

    • Ok, then go with the other idea which is to buy him his own ticket and leave it up to his friend to buy his own. I'm sure your boyfriend will appreciate it.