Is he just being polite or does he generally like me?

I met a guy and we spoke, exchanged numbers and have been texting for a week. He organised to meet up but had to cancel last minute, but a few days later then I asked him if he was free this week to meet up and he said he might be. We found a day where we were both able to make it and tried to ask what he would like to do and he said no to any suggestions and then, 'Oh well I don't get paid until the end of the week anyway' suggesting that it couldn't/shouldn't happen? These ideas were different like the cliché cinema date and things.

Do you think that he would still like to meet up with me and it was just the choices?

If so, could texting him on the morning of the original plan and asking if he just wanted lunch instead would be better?


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  • I think he is somewhat interested, maybe you just need to spark your interest a little more too. give him some courage.


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