Girls I have this tendency when I meet a girl I get so close to her then?

Then i back off when i see her flaws , i dont mean small flaws i mean somehow i know when a girl is playing like flirting with another guy , or dating another guy or putting me as a second option when i suspect any of this i just back off , and i dont explain anything , what would girls think of me? Because they either keep in touch with me or they ignore me back?


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  • It's ok. What they think doesn't matter. It's good that you're not settling for anything short of what you deserve.

    • But im single for more than two years now because of my standards seemed like im surrounded with liars

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    • I guess u r right , i will try that.

    • Glad I could help. :)

  • good one! i tend to do the same! you tend to want to get close fast without really getting to know the person. i would say first get to know the girl more take some time first, she could think that she did something wrong and might feel like its her fault. you sound like a good guy so it depends on the girl and what she thinks of whats going on

    • Even when im only getting to know them i know somehow that they are liars

    • Thnx u seem a nice person too

    • no prob! hope you will find the right girl soon (HUG)

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