Girls do you think about a guy after he asked you out but you turned him down?

So a couple nights ago a girl I fancied at school posted on Facebook something about not being able to get a date. I got talking to a complete stranger about it and he was like "why are you telling me you like her? tell her!" and started teasing me about it. So I did it. I asked her out and I think it floored her because it's literally the first thing I've said to her in about 10 years but she came back eventually and said "It's really really sweet but the Status was more of a joke" and she's just come out of a long relationship but took it as a massive compliment.
I was slightly bummed that she said no but felt so great that I'd actually finally plucked up the courage to tell her I fancied her. I like to think she went to bed with a smile on her face as well.

I just wondered if any girls on here have had that experience and do you think of the guys after?


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  • i think of guys after i turn them down. i feel bad for them (i'm an amazing catch jk) and wish that they find someone.


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  • I'll feel bad for turning him down and hope it's not awkward to run into him again. That's about it.


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