Is this girl interested in me? Is she just making excuses or are they actually real?

Ill try to summarize this. Met this girl, and she texted me first a long text saying how it was great meeting me and hopes to see me soon. So I asked her to meet up with me for lessons and she agreed instantly. Met up, had lessons, and then went out for dinner. Went great. Second date, she canceled during the morning saying she couldn't make it. I texted her, saying that's cool and if I am bothering you let me know. She texted back a big text saying that she is actually really sorry, explained in detail why she's so busy and why she couldn't make it. The 3rd date went great. I asked her out during that date for my birthday dinner and she was sooo happy.
So I texted her about my bday dinner over the weekend, she didn't reply the first text. I had to text her again... She said lets do it and that she is sorry for late reply. BUT this morning she canceled on me.. sending me this long text saying she's feeling really sick today...
She is usually a slow texter.. but always texts me with large texts. Anyways, is she interested? Is she making excuses or are they actually real?


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  • Well, she seems to be truly exited. Why don't you ask her and see, but if you won't, I'd say yes. Most girls don't like to play games , unlike most guys (sorry, but it's true), so ask her to be your gf and hope for the best hunn

  • She is making excuses.


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