What would you think if the time between tow dates is over one month?

What would you think if the time between tow dates is over one month?

  • He is not really that interested.
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  • He plans in advance and is therefore considereate of my time.
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  • Depends on the situation. If the girl is busy, then one month distance is ok.
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  • Other (please elaborate)
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  • I want to see the reults/ I don't know the answer to this question
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  • i think there are too many factors to take into consideration. money and time, especially with school starting, definitely are factors.


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  • You are asking about this girl A LOT.
    Stop contemplating everything and just make something happen.
    If she keeps resisting, move on.
    You're having too much trouble trying to date this girl. It shouldn't be this hard.

    • You think she is resisting?

      The situation was: She couldn't come to the date because the next day she would fly already. But she said she'd like to go out and offered a specific time and two places to go to.

      ... humm... would a girl that is interested act that way? I mean she could have offered an earlier date instead, right?

    • You just keep going around and around.

    • These are all legit questions.

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