How do I respond to male attention?

I think I keep rejecting guys because I don't get how to respond to their attention. When we're hanging out w/ friends and he comes and puts his arm around... how am I supposed to act? The guy I am dating said I don't seem to "touch back" often. How do I even touch correctly?


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  • When he goes to put his arm around you, you lean in. Like in a movie theater, it's a classic guy around the girl move. You just have to know what to do when he does things. Usually you just do what comes naturally but if you want to know a little more, google "how to flirt, physically"

    • oh good idea to search that. Well, I do what feels natural and sometimes I still get looks like "is she into this?"

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    • First dates usually suck. They're awkward and noone knows what to do because well, it's a date... once you get to know each other more, the talking will come easier.

    • ah... good to know! Yeah, it was like... how's the food? good... wow I like this song... uh me too?

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  • Do not think of much things just go with the flow. He keep his arms from back on your shoulder , you are given license to rest your head on his shoulder.

    • I just keep giving guys the idea I'm not into them though.

    • I am not a gay or a girl , never had a gf and a virgin so I cannot tell an exact answer what to do.

  • Guess you're not attracted to him, and that's why you don't reciprocrate.

    • but I am! I totally am. I guess I'm not sure what he likes back.

  • Do you even want male attention

    • well... yeah.

    • Ok then sounds like you have to be direct, so use your words tell how you feel. Then use physical contact and simply pay attention and you'll do fine. Also automatically assume every guy that is talking to wants to give you the D so if not ready declare so immediately

    • hahahaha oh okay... gotcha... I'll keep that in mind?

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