24 year old woman with an 18 year old guy?

I'm a 24 year old female. I recently got out of 7 year long relationship with my child's father after he cheated on me and left me.
I've been hurting but I'm recovering slowly.
The experience has soured me off love and relationships and I am on a mission to achieve all my goals in my career, school, and physically before I decide to get into another relationship.
So now, I've been talking to this guy, ok, this BOY who lives upstate. He's 18 and gorgeous. He really gives me butterflies. He admitted to having some feelings for me, and that I was his ideal woman.
He's very well-spoken, polite, and intelligent for an 18 year old.
BUT.. I don't want a relationship with an 18 year old, especially long distance.
I told him he's going to meet and date and have sex with a lot of girls because he's so young, and that I'm looking for some established and possibly older than me to settle down with.
I can't see a relationship working with him. He's so young.
My family would balk at us and how can I bring an 18 year old home to my child. It wouldn't be fair for anyone.

Still, I'm developing these feelings for him.
I know it would never work and I don't want to fall in love right now.

Agh... what do I do? This is confusing to me! I usually go for older guys, and then this kid comes out of left field blinding me! :/

FYI: I felt I shouldve mentioned I wouldn't introduce any guy to my child unless we were going steady for quite some time and there was a guarantee of his commitment like an engagement :p


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  • it happens. and stop worrying about society. My 32yr old gf dumped me because of age, not because she didn't like me. age is just a number. there is a high possibility this will not go the distance you want so I'm going to give you a few tips.
    1) "out of a 7 year relationship"- its probably best not to just jump into another
    2) "he is going to meet and date..." that whole line. - yes he will
    my suggestion is to make him a fuck buddy. (its crass i know) but everybody wins. aka, you get your satisfaction with him and he gets to have sex with an older lady. (I've been there, this is how it ended even after being dumped.)
    if you are very particular and touchy about conditions for sex, i recommend leaving the "boy" alone.

    • I would love to share some passionate nights with him absolutely, and if he was older I'd totally go for it but his age is a big deterrent for me. I just don't want to hurt him because I think he's developing feelings for me and I have feelings to but I know it won't lead anywhere further than dates and sexual encounters. I don't want to make him feel used or toyed with.

    • believe me when I say, "he won't mind".
      you may want to let him know though. something along the lines of
      "I'm attracted to but in the spirit of things lets keep it casual. dates and sex"
      everyone wins

    • oops "to YOU" correction

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  • I have been in this guy's situation. Now granted i was 22 and she was much older than you like in her late thirties and had a kid. She had been divorced for a little bit when i met her. We had some fun for a while and she really enjoyed things but we both knew we weren't going to last forever. A year and a half later she found someone like her and they connected. We both knew i was never going to commit to marring or serious relationship so it would be best to end our fling well. so for our last hoorah we spent one last steamy weekend together. Afterwards we remained as casual friends and i still text her once and a while to get women advice from her. I never regretted our relationship, and all the while had great sex, with a good and mature women that i got along with.

  • Of all the regrets most people have it is typically what they didn't do, that they regret the most. My advice would be to go for it. When life hands you a chance at happiness I think you should take it. I would avoid letting your child bond with this guy at this point, other than that I see no reason to avoid your feelings.


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  • It seems like it might be a good relationship for you. You don't have to introduce him to your child right away. Just take things slow and see what happens.

  • i say go for it.

    i choose lovers for their looks though.