Play cool or just not that into me?

dated for 4 months. he always the one initiate date. but stopped last month. he was so available for me but now won't meet unless i contact him first.
I m not sure if he lost interest or he just play cool?
was perfectly fine when we meet. same passionate and sweet

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He did not text or call me for one week already. by the way
after he stop , I did start to text and ask to hang out.
But he was bail on one night we supposed to meet. for a reason but did not hear from him since


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  • You try initiating contact with him. You can't expect him to always text or call you first. If you want to go out with him, the best way to let him know that is to initiate contact, and ask him to go out.

    • I did, from this month I start ask him do something with me but he always busy or at work.

    • well, if he always says he's busy and doesn't attempt to schedule something it for a time when he's not busy, then it seems as if he's lost interest

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