Guy flirts with me and says I'm hot but doesn't want a relationship? help?

I met this guy on tinder (uhhh yes) two months ago and we've been chatting on and off mostly because of our busy schedules. i finally met him after one month of chatting and it was a normal date at a coffee shop and he scheduled a second date when i was leaving his car and we met after two days. it was a romantic movie date and we had fun. i didn't kiss him just a little holding hands in the movie.

He mentioned nothing about his past relationships or what he's looking for so i asked him over text. he said he's just had one girlfriend and he's been with her since college (hes 28 now) and they're still good friends. he also mentioned that she would argue with him a lot because of his work schedule so they broke up. and he said he doesn't want a relationship as he is still very busy with work (he told me he works up to 18 hours a day and sometimes goes 3 days without sleep) but just a good friend for fun.

so we've gone out twice he didn't try to kiss or sleep with me but he is flirty and he did mention that he finds me hot in several texts. he insists that i should meet his guy friend next time we meet (but i really wanna meet him alone) and he even wants to play online games with me!

why is he not interested in a relationship and should i continue seeing him because i am looking for a relationship not the friendzone!


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  • Some guys just enjoy being single or don't have the energy to spend on a gf.
    And if he indeed works 18 hours a day and often goes without sleep, it might just be to much to "take care" of a girlfriend on top of that. Yea it could be nice to come home after a LONG day of work to a gf that already made dinner or so. But concidering your age, you probably aren't going to move in together instantly.

    And if I had to work 18 hours in a day, I'd have no energy to maintain a relationship...
    I mean after 18 hours i just wanna eat and fall in my bed asleep. No intrest or energy what so ever to go hang on the phone with a girl for 2 hours or whatever. I'd just wanna relax, get some food and some rest.

    The fact that he mentioned he thinks you are hot, means that he thinks you are hot obviously. Guys don't go all cryptic. It's a sign that he is intrested.
    But then again it COULD be (not saying it is) he might be out for sex alone, I mean that's mainly what happens on tinder. Or it is just that he wants to show you he cares about you and really is intrested, but not commiting because of his shedule. I mean he has had a break-up because of it before, he probably doesn't wanna have to go through the same thing twice.

    • Yeah you're right and he said he has wild thoughts about me but he tries to control them so i guess he is hinting to go down the friends with benefit path..

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    • Hmm i should probably try that but i dont wanna scare him away

    • If it scares him off that means he never really was intrested in the first place right?
      If he was serious about it and you ask, he has no reasons to run off in fear...

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