Do men feel more attracted to unavailable women?

I've been getting this feeling that no matter what... men need to suffer a bit and not get anything easily or they don't value it.

What do u think?


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  • I'd say this is pretty dead on for me. Not for completely unavailable women, but for women i know are self confident enough to tell me to get lost if I'm not doing things right. I lose interest in women who give me too much credit too soon. It might sound crazy, but too many compliments are a turn off for me too. A girl should know she's good enough to not need any guys approval. This self confidence is what turns me on. Acting like you dont care whether a guy likes you or not, because you know you have good things to offer. Acting like this will make guys lose their shit trying to impress you. And it will screen out all the ones you don't need. Then, once they've earned it, you can give them your approval and they will cherish it that much more. Same thing works for women

    • excellent answer, I have to say! you described it pretty well. I have the same feeling about guys!

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  • I only feel attracted to girls I find somewhat moderately appealing and have a decent personality. Some of those girls are single and some are not.

  • Um, i never particularly went for women who were taken. Actually its a sign to stay away.

  • Nope girl. It's the other way around.

  • I think that's just you trying to validate your worth through someone else's misery.

    • you've got a point there. but my only friend that is not being heartbroken by guys is the one that gives them hopes and then turns her back on all of them! it seems that she's having much more fun than all the others...

    • Not really. Being cold and avoiding vulnerability basically prevents you from ever experiencing the greatest pleasures in life.

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  • Well, I'll give you an example. Imagine being offered the same Gucci dress for 20 bucks and 2000 bucks. Of course you'd get the 20 buck one, and not really take care of it etc. If you had bought the 2000 buck one you'd really make sure not to stain it or ruin it in any way. You'd just appreciate it much more. Same for girls.

    But... if you overprice the dress, people won't feel like buying it anymore. If you play too hard to get, well, it would be just as bad as being easy.

    What I'm trying to say is, balance is key. If you underprice, there will be no appreciation. If you overprice, there will be no sales.

    • girl, follow a business career, I can see your brilliant future ahah ! good point though :)

    • hahaha nope, the arts have stollen my heart :p
      thank you though, I'll keep my options open XD

  • It's true.

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