Girl is showing me interest but she said something weird?

So I met this girl who seems nice but we were texting and she wrote me saying I'm so mysterious and she was saying how she knows all types guys and has them written down and catagories by type and said that I do not fit into any of those types and I'm very mysterious.

Umm I don't know what to think that is a weird thing to say. What does that mean?


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  • She's just weird full stop. Has a list of different types of guys that she wrote out with different categories? Weirdness. It's like those people who treat dating like a job, I've even heard of dating spreadsheets before. Weird.

    Anyway, it's probably a good thing her saying you're mysterious.

    • Well what is holding me back is she is sleeping w a guy friend of hers and she has lots of guy friends...

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    • Makes sense she was prob with him. There were times I text her at around 5pm when she got off work and she reply back around 8 the next morning I guess when she gets to work. Nah I don't want to be a back up guy I'm a catch and deserve someone who is into instead of trying to be a player. She only told me about the guy because she had no choice when I said I want to call her that night. She ran out of excuses...

    • Good for you. It's refreshing to see somebody reacting to this kinda thing in this way. Too many people on here act like that was the last female on a planet full of huge ass hairy men. She missed out then I guess, and lucky whoever finds you next. And good luck to that guy, he's gonna have to deal with her "friends" while you've already moved on.

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  • It means she can't figure you out. Which is good, use that to your advantage.

    • Well I notice she has a lot of guy friends so I'm kind of hesitant.

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    • I rather not because you end up in a friend zone and no telling if they ever break up. And for you don't settle have the attitude of take it or leave it. Go after what you want

    • Oh I've tried and I always fail no matter what.