When do you know if its true love, or are you just using him/her for your own self conscious problems?

i feel as if every woman i come across i just take for granted

i know i can do better but everytime i just get the better of myself


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  • I just don't think you've met someone you really want yet. I know I haven't.

    • Except maybe Savannah Highnote :DDD

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    • Google her name (web stuff and google images) You, her follower, have no idea what she does, yet google her name and she bombards you with random stuff that literally everyone has put out just not in a way that resembles a celebrity (what's even weirder is the amount of coverage she has yet only has like 9 subscribers on her channel) I just looked up her video on YouTube and, honestly, probably the worst vlog I have ever seen
      I am not really even trying to rag on you it just blows my mind she can be so famous.
      Seriously, 16,000 views on THAT video? Like I said, the only way I can explain it is if she pays an entire pr team to put out random, pointless shit.

    • @MrMuffinMan

      IKR. She's wasting her hotness.

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  • It's true love when they actually love you back

  • You just know when there the one. You miss them they make you happy etc


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  • When you think about their needs ahead of your own, and they think of your needs ahead of their own. That way it is like you both have someone who wants nothing but the absolute best for you.