Does he like me? Is there hope?

Ok, I have a HUGE crush on this bloke and I have known him for a year. I have told EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I liked him. And when I say every single person, boy do I mean every single person.
Do you think he would have gotten the gist of me liking him by now?

Also, whenever I invite him out somewhere, he always comes. He lives 45 minutes away from me and he always makes time. However when I am with him, he gives me absolutely nothing and is kind of quiet around me. He is talkative to other people but I have to work hard at talking to him because he is extremely shy and quiet.

My friend told me that she caught him staring at me in a gaze for a long time while I was not looking.

Do you think he might like me a little bit with those clues I have given you?

If people could please answer my q that would be helpful


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  • be bolt, pick a moment for you to be alone with him. Be honest, for example: tell him"" kiss me", or tell him \ : i know you like me, or you could ask him, do you like me? because i like you... and everyone knows but i want to be the one telling you that.

    I did something similair 2 weeks ago, with a girl i dated for a month and who played the hot and cold game with me for 6 weeks, just to find out she has a long distance relationship with someone she doesn't really seem to love. I went to her place to confront her, with her behaviour, telling her, listen i know you like me, i ended up having sex with her, not just once but several times in the following days, but as from today, i dont know were i stand. She told me its better we dont see each other , i disagree and she is letting herself and me down. She did this to me more then once.. I just did what i had to do, what i fellt was right to do... you should do the same thing. follow your heart, rationalizing love is impossible. You go for this guy, help him to open up by taking the first crucial step. I hope my comment is usefull, i could use some help as well with my situation., because i reached a point that i dont know what to do anymore.


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  • Yep, he's totally nervous around you so that's a definite yes. Maybe you two should just fuck and get it over with.

    • Trust me, it happened many times in my head

    • Just hang out with him one day and grab his cock, I fucking love it when girls are bold enough to just go for it

  • If he will make time for you, and always goes places you invite him to. That definitely means he likes you. and if he stares at you for awhile, it could be that have might wanna be with you, but is so shy to ask you.


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  • In my opinion yeah and maybe he's just nervous around you