I am a freshman at medical university and it's filled with beautiful women from left and right. I want to cease the opportunity what to do?

girls could you give me tips please :)


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  • Watch Grey's Anatomy and take notes maybe.

    • lol good one xD but real life ain't no grey's anatomyxDDD

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  • i'm a freshman at a medical university and there are tons of how guys... what do I do? (: Retorical question... you should just find one that you think is attractive and use your med smarts and talk medical to her. A guy in my physiology class did that to me and I am seriously considering going out with him

  • If you can make her laugh that is the easiest way into a womans heart!

  • Be yourself and don't act like a desperate horny creep
    Also make male friends too that way it looks like you aren't some pussy hunter


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  • Just approach a girl in the middle of the day and tell her you think she's beautiful. 99.9% of guys don't have the balls to do it, so you'll immediately set yourself apart from the rest, and just doing that will win over a lot of girls automatically.

    • man it's so fucking hard to do so!

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    • i didn't do shit well fuck xD

    • Ah well, live and learn ;)

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