Where to find a girlfriend online if you're Asian?

What's a good site to find a girlfriend for someone who is Asian? I've tried pof, okcupid, meetup, and tinder but no one wants to date us Asian guys. I'm not ugly or a butthole or come off desperate. I ask questions based on their interests. They view my profile and just ignore me, some even go out of their to block me. My friends are also Asian and are in the same boat, but they haven't started online dating like I have.

Well that confirms it. We're all going to die alone.


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  • Try shaadi. com

    • I'm the other kind of Asian (south east).

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  • Just keep looking. I know that there are girls who in fact date Asian guys. I'm one of them. You just have to try not putting all your options in finding a girl online.

  • I am sure you will find fellow Asian girls on OkCupid. there's a filter option. Why is not working? May be you are only hitting on hot white girls.

    • I actually like middle eastern girls the most, but no, I contact all the girls I think look good to me, including whites, Asians and blacks. I tried okcupid, they ignore Asian guys.

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