How to let your crush know that you are interested in them after you two have watched a movie together?

I recently asked a girl out for movie and we have a class together and I know her for over 2 months. She said yes but since we both are busy we haven't got the time to decide when we will go. So I had this question in mind that does she know or have a hint now that I like her more than a friend and is interested in dating her? I really like her a lot and I want her to know directly that I want her to be my gf. A friend of mine told me to wait and see how it goes with the movie and then see. I don't know how are you suppose to tell them like straight up or wait for the girl to react or tell herself. I have no dating experience and this is the first time I have got this far so I am nervous. She didn't asked me that "are we going there as in on a date?" so I don't know coz I would have said yes to that question. Girls and guys please help me out. Thanks for your responses in advance.:)


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  • if you asked her to a movie, with just you two going, she knows its a date and she knows that you like her and are interested in getting to know her. definitely don't tell her before hand that you want her to be your girlfriend, but wait and see how things play out.

    • Yeah, that's what I think of it as well but what should I do in order to find out if she doesn't say anything? And yeah it's only us two who are going. I know that telling her before might make her uncomfortable but should be done during the movie or after to see if she is interested. I know that while watching the movie you can't talk much so idk. And will it be too soon to tell her that I want her to be my gf even after the movie or if she says she likes me too?

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    • Ok so then what should I do if she says "yeah, it was fun too!"?

    • say that you should do it again sometime and continue talking.

  • I'd say wait until after the date. You can judge her body language during the date to see if she likes you too. If she is leaning toward you, maybe try to flirt during the previews. Give her genuine complements that are specific to her, not just something like "your eyes are so beautiful" but compliment her on something you like that is unique about her. See how she responds, and if she stays close to you, or gets closer, or even leans away. Maybe ask if you can hold her hand, or put your arm around her. You might not need to come right out and say "I like you", you could just try to plan a second date towards the end of your first one. I wouldn't suggest a relationship until you know how she feels. Also, your second date should. probably be something that you can talk through. Dinner is good, but try to find an activity you can do together if you can.

    • Thanks for the brilliant explanation. It is really helpful :).

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